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  • Northeastern alums have an app to help you figure out your weekend plans

    BostInno - 06/08/2015

    It’s Friday at 4 p.m. and anxiety is setting in. You were so busy this week that somehow, it totally slipped you mind to make weekend plans—and now, you’re left frantically texting friends and trying to round something up.

    It’s a scenario that Northeastern alum Akaash Yadav and Armaan Gupta often ran into during school, when their schedules were jam packed with classes, jobs and extracurriculars.

    “Our question ‘What’s going on tonight?’ would always be answered by ‘I don’t know…’ or ‘I’m down for whatever!’” co-founder Akaash Yadav told BostInno in an email interview. “The worst was when we’d find out the people we wanted to hang out with would be going to a place we didn’t like or vice versa.”

    Sound familiar?

    Frustrated, the duo sought out to build an app that would make it super easy to see who’s going out, when they’re going out and what they’re doing.

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