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  • No time to waste in addressing terror threat

    Boston Herald - 04/08/2014

    American ports — including Boston and New York City — remain porous points of entry to terrorists who can too easily slip weapons of mass destruction into the country hidden in shipping containers.

    Even President Obama said recently he’s more concerned with “a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan” than Putin’s push into Crimea.

    He’s right to worry.

    “The most likely way that a weapon of mass destruction will find its way into the United States is not on the tip of a missile, but in the belly of a ship,” said Northeastern University professor Stephen Flynn, an expert on port security and terrorism.

    It’s time to heed the warning and push partisan politics aside. The solution is ready to roll out.

    U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey co-authored legislation in 2007 requiring that all cargo containers abroad be scanned for nuclear weapons or other deadly materials before entering the U.S. Although Markey’s bill passed Congress, its implementation was delayed in 2012 and is currently awaiting action this June by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

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