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  • No indication of criminal fraud yet in Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax

    Newsday - 01/17/2013

    t is no crime to have an imaginary friend.
    Specifically, in the bizarre case of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and the woman who didn’t exist, unless it can be established that someone was guilty of intentional fraud, resulting in a financial impact on someone, no legal ramifications exist.
    “I was talking to my wife about this,” said Northeastern University law professor Roger Abrams, who has written extensively on sports and law, “and she said, ‘Maybe there was a plan [aimed at Te’o] to have a fund established that would bring in money to cure the disease that killed this fictitious woman . . . ‘
    “I said, ‘Yep, then it would be fraud.’ But we haven’t heard anything about money being involved in this.”

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