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  • NFL clubs seek to feed at the public trough once again

    Huffington Post - 02/21/2015

    This has not been the best year for the National Football League. Combine the public relations disaster of the domestic abuse scandals with the growing public recognition that, as a result of playing the game, retired players suffer debilitating medical and mental conditions, the League is quite fortunate that the public still adores the game. Now comes word that NFL clubs are up to their old tricks – extorting public money from cities to pay for their stadiums.

    Public financing of sports stadiums first began in Los Angeles with the construction of the Coliseum in the early 1920s. Baseball clubs perfected the process of feeding at the public trough – first in Milwaukee in 1953 and then virtually everywhere across the country. Now two California clubs have teamed up to use the threat of relocation to Los Angeles as a lever to pry public funds out of limited public budgets for the construction of football stadiums.

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