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  • Need to solve a problem? Take a break from collaborating

    Forbes - 05/04/2015

    Unfortunately, it turns out that inducing more collaboration may hinder the most important part of problem-solving: actually solving the problem. While connecting employees does increase the ability to gather facts during the early stages of tackling a problem, it also inhibits the ability to analyze those facts and find a solution, a team of Boston researchers reports.

    “ When it comes to solving problems, connectedness is a double-edged sword ,” says Harvard Business School assistant professor Ethan Bernstein, co-author ofFacts and Figuring: An Experimental Investigation of Network Structure and Performance in Information and Solution Spaces, with Jesse Shore, an assistant professor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, and David Lazer, a political science professor at Northeastern University. The paper appears in the journal Organization Science.

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