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  • N. Korea says ‘miniaturized’ H-bomb tested

    Boston Herald - 01/06/2016

    Max Abrahms, a political science professor at Northeastern University, said reports of a test could lead to days of international wrangling over how to respond to this latest nuclear flexing from Pyongyang.

    “North Korea has gone under the radar insofar as the media has been focused on the Middle East. From a nuclear perspective we don’t focus enough on North Korea or Pakistan. Many experts consider the nuclear threat the gravest threat the world faces,” Abrahms said. “Obviously South Korea is going to be very alarmed. I tend to believe that while the consequences of a nuclear attack are as bad as you can get, the nuclear threat, so far, has been confined to state actors and, unlike nonstate actors, states are led by governments, and governments are deterable.”

    While a hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than an atomic bomb, it is also much harder to make. In a hydrogen bomb, radiation from a nuclear fission explosion sets off a fusion reaction responsible for a powerful blast and radioactivity.

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