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  • Most Americans think Obama’s war against ISIS isn’t going well

    Newsweek - 07/23/2015

    Max Abrahms, professor of political science at Northeastern University and member at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that the American public is evidently unhappy with the progress made by the military campaign against the group over the course of the last 11 months and that such an effort should have produced more visible results.

    “I think that there’s a real sense that the U.S. response has been quite tepid considering the severity of the Islamic State threat, and that the level of U.S. involvement is insufficient in terms of turning the tide against this group,” he says.

    “The administration and the Pentagon have pretended that the war against ISIS is going better than in reality,” he adds. “It’s territory has actually expanded, especially when you take into account the growing number of affiliates throughout the world. I don’t think that Americans are happy with that fact.”

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