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  • More family time can give dad’s career a lift

    The Wall Street Journal - 02/04/2015

    More time with the kids appears to be a career boost for many working dads, a new study found.

    Fathers feel greater job satisfaction and less work-life conflict when they spend more time caring for their children, according to the study, which surveyed 970 fathers in a variety of occupations. And men are less likely than women to feel friction between work and home life when they devote more time to child care, the study found. The research was published in the February issue of the Academy of Management Perspectives.

    There are limits to the benefits of paternal involvement, however. Men who devote themselves more fully and visibly to their families—taking a four-month paternity leave, for example—may run into some of the same career obstacles women do, says Jamie Ladge, an associate professor of management and organizational development at Boston’s Northeastern University and one of the authors of the study

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