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  • Millennials counter argument ‘they aren’t professionals’ - 10/31/2014

    The same survey indicates this latest generation surpasses previous ones in more than narcissism. They rank high in skills such as creativity, openness to change, and technological aptitude. Though recent graduates may Snapchat from their desks, they also crank through Excel more efficiently than other employees.

    This aptitude could help 2014-ers gain employment, as many managers increasingly look for hard skills when hiring. It’s a notion supported by popular employer Co-ops at schools like Boston University and Northeastern University.

    “Sometimes new hires are criticized for lacking necessary skills, but we really don’t get that complaint. In fact, we have employers go out of their way to say that the Co-op experience really does provide the real-life training that students need in the workforce” said Susan Ambrose, senior vice provost for Undergraduate Education and Experiential Learning at Northeastern.

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