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  • Mike Volpe gets involved with a ‘HubSpot for Events’

    BostInno - 01/26/2016

    Engel joined Attend in August, 2014, part of a process founder Greg Skloot discussed with BostInno back in May of that year, to bring in more experienced leadership. Skloot was 23 at the time and a recent graduate of Northeastern University, where he co-founded Attend while running events in the university’s Entrepreneurs Club.

    Skloot couldn’t be reached in time for this story. He’s out on the West Coast as VP growth at Netpulse. Co-founder Drew D’Agostino is in Nashville, working on an email marketing startup of his own, called Crystal. They’re both still on the cap table, Engel told me.

    That cap table is about to change, again: Attend has 25 employees and is planning to go out for another round of startup funding, middle of this year.

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