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  • Mass., New England seeing bigger climate swing expert says

    WCVB TV - 05/06/2014


    One of the authors of the White House report on climate change said Tuesday Massachusetts and the northeast are seeing far bigger increase in precipitation than the rest of the country.

    “Extreme precipitation events have been increasing here much faster than they have in other parts of the country,” said Dr. Matthias Ruth from Northeastern University.

    He said regardless of political views, the numbers cannot be refuted. In Massachusetts it is getting hotter in the summer, colder in the winter and wetter all year around and every storm brings bigger worries about coastal erosion.

    “We see they have become much more erratic, much more frequent, much more severe,” said Ruth.

    But it’s not just the precipitation that Massachusetts needs to worry about. Heat is becoming an equally bigger problem.

    “The number of 90-degree days could increase,” said WCVB Meteorologist Harvey Leonard. “The chance of heat waves increase. The chance of longer heat waves increase. Basically the idea is more extremes become possible.”

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