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  • Mass. Business Confidence Up Slightly

    Worcester Business Journal Online - 01/08/2013

    Meanwhile, the group’s Employment Index, which measures confidence in hiring, rose to 50.6 in December, a 1.5-point jump. “Employers tend to be relatively confident about the situations of their own operations, but this is less true in times of high uncertainty,” said Alan Clayton-Matthews, professor at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, a BEA member. “Under the circumstances it’s good to see the Employment Index up a bit and above 50, though the readings are barely positive.”

    Confidence among manufacturers took a relatively large jump of 3.5 points to 48. But among other sectors, confidence declined. “These two trends are probably related, as manufacturing forms a larger part of the economy outside the immediate Boston area,” Clayton-Matthews noted. “Smaller companies, which in many cases pay personal rather than corporate income taxes, were much more negative than large ones on most questions.”

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