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  • Making it that ‘final mile’ to work in suburbia

    The Boston Globe - 01/29/2016

    A panel discussion focused on finding ways to improve public transit west of Boston, and how to create more connections to that “final mile.” The panel moderator, Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University, noted that with housing prices rising in the Boston area, more families will be moving out to the western suburbs.

    Bluestone said seniors also will need ways of getting around. Using himself as an example, the 71-year-old professor said, “Ten years from now, you won’t want me driving a lot.”

    Bluestone spoke of one potential solution: an Uber service for the elderly, which lets seniors ride free if they can’t afford it. Any senior who receives a free ride would be given a business card advertisement that says “your ride is compliments of . . .” with the name of the local business or organization that subsidized the service.


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