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  • Lyme bug stronger than antibiotics in animals and test tubes. Now study people.

    The Huffington Post - 11/02/2017

    The stringent response, the group’s new article hypothesizes, may also be what allows the Lyme pathogen to survive standard doses of medicine’s best antibiotics. Among the article’s nearly 200 citations is the work, since 2014, of scientists from Johns Hopkins, Northeastern and Tulane universities who have shown that doxycycline, amoxicillin and other common Lyme disease drugs leave behind persister cells. Those researchers sometimes tried dozens of antibiotics, in combination or in repeated rounds called pulsing, and still had difficulty eradicating the pathogen in test tubes.

    Kim Lewis, director of Northeastern University’s Antimicrobial Discovery Center who has led several studies on the failures of antibiotics to vanquish Borrelia, said his team is exploring the mechanics behind the persistence phenomenon. “Stringent response is on our radar,” he said.

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