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  • Look out for this surprising consequence of influencer marketing that could hurt your brand

    Forbes - 06/25/2017

    It is these kinds of questions–healthy skepticism, let’s call it–that prompted me, along with three other academics, to conduct a study that looked at various outcomes of running influencer campaigns. We were looking in particular for unintended consequences of seeding products with apparently influential individuals who are supposed to spread word of mouth (WOM) about those products through social media. The results of this study were published in the journal Marketing Science (one of the leading academic journals in marketing) earlier this year. (Note: the article is behind a paywall but you can access a version provided by Oxford University here.) I co-authored this article with Inyoung Chae (Emory University), Yakov Bart (Northeastern University) and Dai Yao (National University of Singapore).

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