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  • Lobstermen: fishers or farmers?

    Boston Globe - 01/04/2015

    One of the more puzzling recent trends in ocean management has been the record hauls of lobsters that have come in over the past few years. Could the reason be that lobstermen are actually more like farmers than fishermen? That’s the provocative suggestion of a new article in Modern Farmer, which cites research by Northeastern ecologist Jonathan Grabowski showing that lobstermen might be inadvertently cultivating the bottom-dwelling crustaceans.

    Lobster harvests have been way up in the Gulf of Maine, and many have speculated about why. One theory is that warming ocean temperatures lead lobsters to come inshore earlier in the year to molt, bringing more of them onto the market at the same time; another factor may be the collapsing population of Atlantic cod, which eat young lobsters.

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