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  • Let’s get engaged

    Real Clear Education - 05/14/2014

    As anyone following higher education knows, there’s a growing movement to assess colleges by measuring the post-graduation earnings of their graduates. The underlying – and quite reasonable – assumption is that on some level, a good college education ought to translate into a good post-college salary.

    Even so, the recently released Gallup-Purdue University Index of college and life outcomes may have identified an even more pressing issue: most college graduates in the U.S. aren’t truly “engaged” in their employment. As a matter of fact, the index reports that of the 30,000 graduates they surveyed who are working full-time, a meager 39 percent feel they are actually engaged in what they do for a living.

    According to Gallup, disengaged employees drag morale and corrode their teams’ performance. They pass their workdays in general disgruntlement and make the workplace less productive for everyone. On a human level, this is disturbing enough – but considering that the nation’s economic health depends on innovation, creativity, and drive, it’s downright alarming. As such, graduates’ salaries ultimately may be less of a problem than the apparent national crisis of professional malaise.

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