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  • Knicks’ preseason to begin with Derrick Rose under cloud of rape case

    The New York Times - 09/16/2016

    In a civil trial, the burden of proof for a jury to find for a plaintiff is only that his or her story be more believable than not. “O.J. Simpson was acquitted,” said Daniel Medwed, a criminal law professor at Northeastern University, referring to Simpson’s criminal trial on murder charges. “But he lost his civil suit. The bar is much lower.”

    Brandon Anand, the ex-girlfriend’s lead lawyer, said his client was open to a financial settlement. In what some viewed as an effort to pressure Rose, the woman spoke to several news media outlets this week and held a 90-minute conference call with reporters on Thursday.

    In that call, she and her lawyers addressed the reason she had waited two years to file the case — she said she had been scared and embarrassed — and detailed some of what she said was the graphic behavior of Rose and his friends on the night in question.

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