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  • Jay Atkinson’s 4 problems with youth sports today

    WBUR - 05/12/2014

    As summer approaches, many schools across Massachusetts are winding down youth sports leagues for the season. But, for many kids, that doesn’t mean they’ll stop playing. They’ll go to training camps, sign up with private coaches and elite summer leagues.

    Many kids beg for these extra programs. But often it’s the parents — trying to give their kids that “extra edge” — who are pushing them. After all, it’s never too soon to start thinking about that college scholarship, or ticket to the pros — even for a 6-year-old.

    It’s a long way from the spontaneous, unsupervised ball games that used to crop up on America’s streets every evening and weekend throughout the summer. And Jay Atkinson says it’s one of the ways that parents are ruining youth sports.

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