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  • Is practice overrated?

    The Chronicle of Higher Education - 11/05/2014

    At Northeastern University, an effort based, in part, on Langer’s ideas is under way to help students become more aware of their learning and study habits. Leading that effort is Susan Ambrose, senior vice provost of undergraduate education and experiential learning at the university, and one of the co-authors of How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for Effective Teaching.

    “I don’t believe in courses on learning how to learn,” she said in an interview about the effort. “I think reflections on learning need to be embedded in the disciplines—in [traditional] courses.” She added: “We should be continually asking students to reflect on what they already know, where they are having difficulties, potentially why, how they might address those learning difficulties, how they’ve done it in the past when they have faced a brick wall, etc. We are trying to develop a habit of the mind—to be cognizant of how you learn, to continually monitor, to adapt when necessary.”

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