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  • Instagram’s ‘mommy wars’: the right to bare chest

    SF Gate - 07/17/2014

    Breast-feeding in America has historically been a charged issue. At different times it has been considered feminist and antifeminist, better for a baby than formula-feeding and worse, though its nutritional benefits are unchallenged today.

    “You still continually see issues about breast-feeding in public,” said Linda Blum, a Northeastern University sociologist who studies the ideologies of breast-feeding. “People don’t want to see it. We have legal protections for breast-feeding in public, but still there is this notion is that it’s lewd.”

    It makes sense, then, that in the present era this battle would take place on Instagram.

    “In many ways, it is about who our bodies belong to, who our breasts belong to,” Blum said. “That’s what you’re seeing on social media.”

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