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  • Inside OkCupid: Co-founder Christian Rudder throws back the curtain

    BostInno - 02/12/2016

    Have you ever tried to explain the world of modern dating to your grandparents? Your parents? Courtship is no longer about wearing somebody’s pin or having your family present you with acceptable suitors, so dating apps are like foreign languages to them.

    But how well do you really understand what dating is like today? Even if you’re a seasoned dater, there is so much more that’s going on behind the scenes that you never would have known.

    Christian Rudder – co-founder and former CEO of OkCupid, Harvard alumnus and author ofDataclysm, knows what’s truly going on with dating apps and websites. Joined by Northeastern’s President, Joseph Aoun, he revealed all of the nitty gritty data details that we may or may not want to know about dating in the modern age. It turns out, math, data and analysis – not cupid – dictate our online dating prospects.

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