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  • Incivility, taunting and hubris in sports

    The Huffington Post - 01/15/2016

    Long before Donald Trump perfected the public art of the obnoxious swagger, sports at all levels had been consumed by arrogance and pomposity. The National Football League vowed years ago “to bring the element of respect to its highest level back to our game.” This mission, assuming it was ever intended to alter behavior, has fallen by the wayside. While a wide receiver who scores a touchdown should be allowed a brief celebratory spike of the pigskin spheroid, choreographed “dances,” even if solos, are totally insufferable. Defensive players are now having their self-congratulatory “look at me” moments as well after a simple tackle or a busted pass play.

    The game habits of professional players have filtered down to college, high school and even pee wee levels. These younger players mimic their role models, hoping that some day they will make it to the League.

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