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  • In time of disruption, media companies and colleges look to each other for help

    The Chronicle of Higher Education - 01/05/2015

    Northeastern University and Esquire are collaborating at a smaller scale, but with a similar innovation-oriented goal. This spring, the university’s journalism school will run a course where students will take traditional pieces in the Esquire archive and “reimagine” them for a digital audience.

    Tyler Cabot, senior features editor at Esquire, says the magazine is looking for new ways of “selling and telling” stories. Part of Mr. Cabot’s job, he says, is to figure out how to “reuse and resurface” pieces that have already been published.

    The work of the Northeastern journalism students will not necessarily be published in Esquire, he says. But the magazine hopes the students will, at least, give its own designers some new ideas. “We get to understand new ways of telling stories,” says Mr. Cabot, “that we can possibly bridge into our own way of thinking.”

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