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  • In San Bernardino, focus on the murderous partnership

    USA Today - 12/03/2015

    At least 14 killed and 21 injured in a mass shooting at an office building in San Bernardino, Calif., allegedly by a couple armed and dressed for battle. The extent of carnage is absolutely shocking, while the relationship of the suspected gunman and gunwoman is surprising, but only somewhat so.

    It is quite true that the vast majority of mass killings involving firearms are perpetrated by lone assailants. Of the more than 200 cases in the USA TODAY database of mass killings since 2006, over 80% implicated a single offender.

    The prototypical lone gunman bent on revenge usually reflects an angry, dispirited or sometimes deranged individual who seeks revenge against those whom he sees as his tormentors. The perceived enemy are those people who caused life to be so unlivable. They would have to pay for making everyday existence a living hell. Occasionally, in the purely random massacres, the target is not some specific workplace, but society in general, seen as a corrupt world in which all the breaks go to other undeserving people.

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