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  • In safety Rx, NFL makes high profile recruit

    Marketplace - 02/11/2015

    Elizabeth Nabel will be looking at the work the NFL’s advisors have already done and are currently engaged in. Cantu says Nabel will bring her leadership background in running a major hospital, and the resultant skill set of working with many medical experts.

    “As an administrator of a high-profile hospital, with the natural egos that go with very outstanding staff, it is a little bit like herding cats,” says Cantu.

    “The NFL is on such a ubiquitous platform, and it’s had such a spotlight on it,” says Dan Lebowitz, who heads the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University.

    “Looking at the practices within the league around safety … is not only smart,” he says. “It’s important in terms of the sustainability of the league.”

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