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  • In Mass., 265,000 residents want a job but don’t have one

    Boston Herald - 08/28/2014

    More than 265,000 Bay Staters who want jobs still aren’t working — a more than 40-percent spike from 2007 — showing the state is far from clear of the five-yearlong shadow of the recession, a Herald analysis of U.S. Department of Labor data shows.

    From the second half of 2013 to the first half of 2014, the actual unemployment rate was more than a percentage point higher than the one widely released by the government, the data shows.

    The result is an average 265,300 people, or 7.5 percent, want a job but do not have one in Massachusetts. That number includes 220,400 people who are considered technically unemployed by the government because they have looked for work in the previous four weeks. But unlike the officially touted unemployment figure of 6.3 percent, the 7.5 percent also includes 44,900 jobless people — described as “marginally attached” — who did not look for work in the previous four weeks, even though they were still able and willing to work.

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