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  • In Louisiana, police shooting of black man captured on video

    The Christian Science Monitor - 07/06/2016

    About 200 protestors took to the streets of Baton Rouge Tuesday afternoon, after a Louisiana police officer shot and killed Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, outside of a Baton Rouge convenience store.

    The shooting took place early Tuesday morning. The two officers arrived at the convenience store at around 12:35 a.m., responding to a call that described a man in a red shirt selling CDs who had allegedly threatened the male caller with a gun.

    “In the future … you’re not going to be able to hold [this kind of information] back, because it’s become the way we discuss issues around police use of force – it’s the way we have this conversation now,” Jack McDevitt, director of the Institute on Race and Justice at Northeastern University in Boston told The Christian Science Monitor, in an interview about the release of evidence, including video, in cases against police officers in Chicago.

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