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  • Igbo Jews of Nigeria Strive to Study and Practice

    New English Review - 07/01/2013

    A much more recent phenomenon has been a movement among some Igbo to match their tradition of Jewish descent with the learning of Hebrew and the practice of Judaism. Outside of Nigeria, there has been growing interest in the country’s Igbo Jews, who now number somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000.  In 2012, New York filmmaker Jeff Lieberman released Re-emerging: The Jews of Nigeria, a documentary containing interviews with Igbo Jews and chronicling a three-week visit to the country by Rabbi Howard Gorin of Maryland.  Earlier this year, Professor William Miles of Northeastern University published Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey, based on his two visits to Igbo Jews in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. A book on Nigeria’s Jews written by Daniel Lis of the University of Basel will be coming out in 2013 as well.



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