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  • If you think of Putin, he has won

    Bloomberg - 07/09/2015

    Brandon Valeriano of the University of Glasgow and Ryan Maness of Northeastern University started the debate in Foreign Affairs magazine on April 30. Claiming that “Putin is not as strong as he might seem or, more important, as he might hope,” they argued that Russia had achieved nothing of value by interfering in Ukraine, selling arms to Iran, using energy exports to pressure eastern European countries or waging cyber warfare against its global rivals.

    “Letting Russia assert its regional interests has resulted in outcomes that counter its own goals,” Valeriano and Maness wrote. “And that is why rushing to deal with a perceived Russian threat would be folly. Continued support for Western allies and investment in alternative energy sources and cyberdefenses as (opposed to cyberoffensive capabilities) would lead to continued stability in the international system despite Russia’s use of force.”


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