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  • If Tsarnaev gets life in prison, where will he end up?

    BostInno - 04/09/2015

    If the opinion of more than 200 Bostonians, as per a poll conducted by WBUR in late March, is fairly representative of Boston’s preferred sentence for Tsarnaev in general (as well as the jurors’) the domestic terrorist could very well receive life in prison.

    But the jury’s relatively quick deliberation of Tsarnaev’s conviction could be telling as well.

    “Conviction on all 30 counts–and in relatively rapid fashion–certainly does not bode well for the defense’s prospects at sentencing,” Northeastern Law Professor Daniel Medwed told BostInno. “But, that said, it is important to note there will presumably be a break before the next stage to give the sides time to prep and the sentencing phase will allow the defense a chance to put on a lot of ‘mitigating’ evidence designed to humanize him.”

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