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  • iChip: The future of antibiotic discovery

    Popular Science - 01/21/2015

    Two weeks ago, a team led by scientists from Northeastern University published a study describing a new class of antibiotics called teixobactin, which they found in the soil of a field in Maine. The Internet subsequently lit up with both excitement and criticism (mostly excitement, though). It’s the first new antibiotic in a long time, though just how long depends on how you define various antibiotics classes. Details on the timing of the lag in antibiotic discovery aside, that lag is real and is definitely a problem. The new findings are great news, particularly as we face a global antibiotic resistance crisis that could kill 10 million people each year by 2050. Teixobactin will have to go through years of testing to be proven safe and effective, of course, but it’s still a start.

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