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  • Hulk Hogan’s Gawker verdict as much about newsworthiness as privacy, according to experts

    Florida Record - 06/26/2016

    Jessica Silbey, a law professor at Northeastern University School of Law who has written about the Gawker case, said the question of whether what Gawker posted was newsworthy is a difficult question, especially as Hogan had spoken widely about his sex life to the media.

    “I think the harder question about the Hulk Hogan case, aside from whether the Florida standard is lower, therefore making it easier to win, is whether the plaintiff in the case made the issue of his own masculinity or sexuality an issue that the public is concerned or interested about in the first place, such that a conversation about his sex life or images of his sex life would be fair game under the First Amendment,” Silbey told theFlorida Record.

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