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  • Hub doc on hunt for stealthy killer

    Boston Herald - 03/16/2016

    For about the past two years, Corrado — also the head team physician at Northeastern University — has used echocardiograms to study the heart structures of about 200 Division 1 athletes. His goal is to gain enough funding to bring in 10 top physicians from across the country for training, so they can develop various research sites nationwide.

    “It’s such a needle in a haystack. You need thousands,” he said. “In order to get thousands, I need help.”

    Echocardiograms are the same ultrasounds used during pregnancy.

    And though more research is needed, he said, “What we’re doing could be the future. It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take to get going.”

    Screening for heart issues among young athletes has been a hot-button issue in the past several months.

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