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  • How Warren Buffett made me smarter about charity

    Business Insider - 05/20/2014

    I bet that, like me, when you’ve donated to charity you’ve had a slightly queasy feeling. You probably wrestled with questions like: Will my donation do any good? Is the charity well run? Is this the most effective way I can help a cause I care about?

    I’m actually now feeling more confident about being an effective donor, thanks to help I just received from Warren Buffett, Patrick Dempsey, Cal Ripken Jr., Ben & Jerry and — most of all — Northeastern University Professor Rebecca Riccio, director of the school’s Social Impact Lab.

    I was one of 7,500 students who enrolled in Riccio’s terrific, six-week Giving With Purpose MOOC (Massively Open Online Course). Northeastern offered it in partnership with Doris Buffett’s (Warren’s sister) Learning by Giving Foundation, through theEdX MOOC platform.

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