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  • How To Make Your Extracurriculars Look Best On Your College Applications

    Huffington Post - 11/05/2013

    You’ve probably been told all throughout high school to get involved and participate in clubs and extracurriculars. For many college admissions officers, seeing that you’re really committed to your activities proves that you’re responsible and you can manage your time well. Now that it’s college application season, it’s time to impress admissions officers with your extracurricular involvement. Here are a few tips get the most out of your clubs and make them look awesome on your college applications!

    1. List your extracurriculars in order of importance

    On the Common App, there’s space to list 10 activities. If you’re a super-involved student, this may mean having to weigh the importance of your clubs and cutting a few out of your application.

    “It’s important to list things in order of importance and significant contribution,” says Donnaree Wynter Grant, assistant director of admissions events at Northeastern University. For example, list being the captain of your debate team for four years over a single semester you spent playing JV volleyball. If you’re committed to an activity for longer, it’s probably more significant to you, and therefore should be listed before activities that aren’t as important in your life.


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