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  • How the Las Vegas shooting does and doesn’t fit the pattern of mass shootings

    The Washington Post - 06/09/2014

    The two shooters in the Las Vegas violence were a man and a woman, police said, which also makes this episode unusual, because 97 percent of these shooters are male. Las Vegas police said they believe the female shooter shot and killed the male gunman before taking her own life. According to the FBI, four of 10 times, the rampages end with shooters killing themselves.

    The violence also spread to two locations, with the gunfire beginning in a CiCi’s Pizza before moving to a Wal-Mart. This is less common, but it happens: One in five mass shooters will move to another location during the shooting.

    Early media reports suggested that the shooters may have been white supremacists, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed. Neighbors told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the couple was “militant,” talked about killing police officers and would ramble about conspiracy theories. If this was the culmination of a plan, that would also fit with a pattern, as mass killers will “typically plan their assaults for days, weeks, or months,” according to a 2013 study on mass shootings by James Alan Fox and Monica J. DeLateur of Northeastern University.

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