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  • How technology enhances literature learning

    Inside Higher Ed - 01/31/2018

    In other classes, 3-D printing can challenge students in similar ways. Erika Boeckler, assistant professor of English at Northeastern University, spurred one of her graduate students to create physical representations of pattern poems. The goal, Boeckler said during a panel earlier this month at the Modern Language Association meeting in New York, is to help students grasp tricky concepts like textual materiality.

    The process involved a succession of programs: SketchUp for drafting the image, MeshLab for creating a 3-D framework, Processing for turning the image into a height map and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for modifying and creating final images. Jonathan Fitzgerald, a student who completed the process, said during the MLA panel that the “fits and starts” he experienced helped him understand the poem’s function as much as the final products.

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