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  • How Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS in Syria will affect Bashar Assad’s regime

    International Business Times - 09/11/2014

    ISIS has been in Syria since the start of the civil war. Yet, over the past year, it has seized large portions of the country where it has set up a de facto hub of its self-declared Caliphate. Much of this land was seized from the same moderate rebel groups that Obama wants to support.

    In July 2013, ISIS took control of the Al-Bab training camp, just north of Aleppo, and has seized virtually most of the al-Raqqa region in eastern Syria. These losses are just one reason why experts believe Syria’s moderate rebel groups are not the best allies in the fight against ISIS.

    “Moderate rebel groups are ill-equipped and untrustworthy. Some of them, if not most, have links to extremist groups,” said Max Abrahms, a Northeastern University professor who focuses on terrorist organizations.

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