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  • How IIT Gandhinagar Is Disrupting Higher Education In India

    Forbes - 01/25/2014

    In late December, I had the chance to visit with one of the newest Indian Institutes of Technology – in Gandhinagar, in the state of Gujarat, India.   This latest addition to the IIT franchise was launched four years ago, along with several other IIT campuses, by the Government of India as part of its ambitious goal to create 1000 universities in India in the next few decades.  I was there to look at collaborations between Northeastern University, in Boston, and IIT Gandhinagar.   What struck me was the unique opportunity to see a global university as startup.  There was no billion-dollar endowment, no resident faculty and no leafy campus.  But this academic startup was keenly aware of the nature of the global economy, how it must prepare its graduates, and how it must organize itself to be relevant in this global innovation economy.  Even though nobody on campus said this to me, it was clear that their strategy could itself be a disruptive innovation in the higher educationmodel.


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