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  • How can an undocumented immigrant become legal in the US?

    Metro - 03/05/2017

    Even before President Donald Trump promised to ramp up deportations of undocumented immigrants, U.S. immigration law has offered undocumented immigrants very few options to gaining a green card.

    “The tough thing for many people is there is no obvious path to gaining legal status, and no obvious path to having gotten that status before they came,” Rachel Rosenbloom, a law professor at Northeastern University who specializes in immigration law. “People broke the rules, they didn’t do what they were supposed to do, but the fact is most of these people had no means of getting here by visa — it’s hard to do so.”

    Legal status is only granted to people who are already living in the U.S. illegally under specific, uncommon circumstances, Rosenbloom said.

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