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  • How Big Data Will Transform IT Security

    Forbes - 02/26/2013

    In a recently published security brief, Big Data Fuels Intelligence Driven Security, experts from RSA, Northeastern University and Booz Allen Hamilton set out the components for a Big Data-oriented security management system:

    1. Set a holistic cyber-security strategy: Align security capabilities behind a holistic cyber security strategy customized for your organization’s specific risks, threats and requirements.
    2. Establish a shared data architecture for security information: A single architecture that allows all information to be captured, indexed, normalized, analyzed and shared is the logical goal.
    3. Migrate from point products to an unified security architecture: Think strategically about which security products you will use long term because each product will introduce its own data structure.
    4. Look for open and scalable Big Data security tools: Ensure that ongoing investments favor technologies using agile analytics-based approaches.
    5. Strengthen the Security Operations Center (SOC)’s data science skills: Data scientists with specialized knowledge in security are scarce, and will remain in high demand. Consider turning to outside partners to supplement internal security analytics capabilities.
    6. Leverage external threat intelligence: Augment internal programs with external threat intelligence services.
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