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  • Houston shooting spree: Weeks of random attacks leave city rattled

    The Guardian - 03/06/2015

    James Alan Fox, a criminology professor at Northeastern University and co-author of Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder, said that shootings of this kind are uncommon.

    “When you have that kind of drive-by shooting, random victims, it’s generally for basically the thrill, and with thrill killings like that you tend to have perpetrators that are younger than their 30s,” he said.

    “He can intend to bring the city to its knees and wreak havoc by shooting at random because the thing about random shootings such as this is that anyone could be a victim at any time and any place which makes it particularly frightening … In situations when serial killers often do target a certain kind of people, the rest of us feel we’re immune which reduces the level of panic.”

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