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  • Hillary and the Lost Boys

    The Huffington Post - 10/14/2015

    If the first Democratic primary debate of the 2016 cycle showed us anything, it is the value of experience — experience in politics, certainly, but also experience in the art of political communication. Hillary Clinton won the debate hands down, with a performance so disciplined and effective that it should serve as a model for future candidates who are about to enter this rarefied arena. By understanding her mission, internalizing her message, and striking an appropriately commanding tone, Clinton ran circles around her opponents.

    Much has been made of Clinton’s intense pre-debate preparation, and while it’s true that she came to the event fully prepared to discourse upon the issues of the day, her preparation went beyond a mastery of content. For Clinton, preparation also meant comprehending how to successfully navigate the particular milieu of a live televised debate. She was relaxed, vivacious, charming — and a lot more three-dimensional than her robotic media caricature would suggest.


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