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  • Hey terrorist(s), tomorrow Boston is back to business! - 04/15/2013

    For those of you that read this blog regularly, you know the sweet spot for Global Business Hub content – things that relate Greater Boston to the international community, that champion the sometimes unappreciated innovation that happens here daily, that champion the unparalleled thought leadership that exists here.

    And so with heavy heart I write tonight of a far different nature, far later than the daily 11 AM slot at which Global Business Hub pieces usually post.

    This morning, knowing it was a local holiday (Patriots’ Day, for those of you not from these parts), with bright blue skies, warm sun, bars and restaurants full of people taking the day off, an international road race in the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, a Red Sox day game, a Bruins game at night, and Tax Day… it simply made no sense to post anything but a placeholder to tell you fine readers to check back in tomorrow. And so that placeholder stood. But a little before 3 PM all that changed with a few gross acts of explosive cowardice.

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