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  • Here’s why the Tsarnaev trial is being delayed

    BostInno - 01/22/2015

    On the first day of jury selection, some 40 potential people were brought in to be considered for a spot on the bench. By the start of day three, only 34 people had been questioned. As of Thursday, Jan. 22, just 61 people have been questioned and questioning will continue until the court finds 70 qualified jurors.

    Daniel Medwed, a professor of law at Northeastern University School of Law, told BostInno that this is a precautionary move and will allow each legal side to carefully consider who may best represent a jury of Tsarnaev’s peers.

    “In capital cases, jury selection often takes a while, and for good reason,” Medwed told BostInno. “With the ultimate penalty at stake, it is in everyone’s interests to impanel the most impartial jury possible.”

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