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  • Global segment and audience marketing @ VMware

    BostInno - 01/27/2016

    I’m in no way an expert on virtual machines, could computing, micro-segmentation, hyper-convergence, network virtualization, or any of the other catch phrases that have been tossed around at work over the past month or so.  My past two co-ops were both in the fashion industry, working at TJX and Reebok in footwear departments.  But I knew that I wanted this last co-op to be completely different – a different city, a different industry, and a different role.  Working in global marketing at VMware thus far has been an amazing learning experience.  I’m beginning to start some projects helping out the global campaigns team developing their campaign strategy for 2016, working with the content team and the individual business units to create a universal platform for each of the markets to execute.  I also am working with the digital marketing team with creating and tracking demand generation so that sales can be traced back to a specific campaign. Lastly, I’ll submit monthly content to the VMUG Voice, which is a newsletter sent to the VMware User Group (a grouping of the company’s customers).  I have acquired tons and tons of new information about my role, the role of everyone on my team, VMware’s corporate structure, and the company’s products and solutions.


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