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  • Gas tax indexing ballot questions could stump voters

    CommonWealth Magazine - 09/25/2014

    Polls indicate voters are split on whether the state’s gas tax should be indexed to inflation, but it’s unclear whether the tight race is a reflection of real policy differences or voter confusion.

    The Legislature pegged the gas tax to the consumer price index in 2013 as part of a series of reforms designed to steer more dollars into the state’s transportation networks. Beginning in 2015, the gas tax would rise or fall with the rate of inflation, but not below a floor of 21.5 cents per gallon. Question 1, the first of four policy questions on the statewide ballot this year, asks voters to eliminate the tie between the state’s 24 cent gas tax and the consumer price index. Voting “yes” on Question 1 would strike the indexing provision from the books; voting “no” vote would keep the current law in place.

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