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  • Free speech claims enter abortion protests at Charlotte clinic

    WFAE - 04/13/2017

    The long-running debate over abortion is expected to intensify during the Trump administration as both sides foresee changes on the Supreme Court, beginning with the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

    That debate over a woman’s right to choose plays out on a regular basis at an east Charlotte women’s reproductive health clinic, A Preferred Women’s Health Center. The facility has seen its share of protests by anti-abortion rights groups, but the clinic says the demonstrations have become larger – and hostile.


    Sarah Delia and Nick de la Canal, WFAE reporters (@SarahWFAE, @nickdelacanal)

    Martha F. Davis, professor of law, Northeastern University School of Law

    Eugene Volokh, professor of law, UCLA School of Law (@VolokhC)

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