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  • Fears rise of Ebola spreading to U.S.

    Boston Herald - 08/06/2014

    he deadly Ebola virus continues to tear through West Africa at an alarming rate, heightening fears among American doctors that the disease could make its way past U.S. borders.

    “It’s very simple: The more people who are infected, the more likely it is to spread to other countries,” said professor Elke Mühlberger, an Ebola researcher at Boston University School of Medicine. “With a virus that has up to a three-week incubation period, of course it’s possible. Viruses don’t care about borders.”

    Northeastern University professor Alessandro Vespignani, who studies how epidemics spread, said the U.S. “needs to be prepared” to treat infected patients as the domestic risk increases.

    “Every week that goes by and the more cases that are identified, we risk importing it to the U.S.,” he said.

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